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The Plan: A Delantare Story - Admin - 09-12-2016

Discuss your thoughts about The Plan: A Delantare Story right here!

Part One - September 13, 2016
Part Two - September 20, 2016
Part Three - September 27, 2016

RE: The Plan: A Delantare Story - MinstrelGirl - 09-15-2016

It will be very interesting to see how this story plays out! So little has been revealed that I feel that any theories I have are likely to be very far from accurate. After reading Part One, I feel very immersed in the scenery, but not in the culture.  I can picture what is going on, but I don't understand it. This may be simply because the gangster/inner city culture is foreign to me anyway.
     It was well-paced, and had a good mixture of action/narrative and information about the setting and back-story.  I learned two new words, which is always a good thing.  "Winged" in a new sense, and "balaclava", which at first I read as "baklava".  Big Grin  It seemed very well written and engaging to me!
     It is intriguing to me that it starts in a completely different location than "Free"...  I am looking forward to hearing what others think of part one of "The Plan.

RE: The Plan: A Delantare Story - Admin - 09-20-2016

Part Two is now online!  Andrew confronts Bolton about the fiasco at the convenience store, and learns more than he bargained for!  Read Part Two of "The Plan: A Delantare Story" now!