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The Mysterious Man in Free - MinstrelGirl - 02-28-2017

I came up with a theory right after watching Free, but was afraid to post in in case I was wrong. Realizing that it didn't really matter, I have decided to post it here: The cloaked man in Free is Genochron from Indi Christian Review.

Here is my supporting evidence: Firstly, the Potential transported Genochron to Delantare in The War Within after The Storyteller stated that he was not finished with Genochron. Secondly, Genochron was wearing a dark cloak when he was transported, just like the man in Free. And lastly, Genochron was a powerful and dangerous villain, which the man in Free appears to be as well.

Feel free to be amused, Storyteller and insiders, if I am way off.  Smile

RE: The Mysterious Man in Free - StorytellerZack - 04-03-2019

Wow, didn't realize I never replied to this. Tongue  It's definitely a good guess!