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The Plan: A Delantare Story
Discuss your thoughts about The Plan: A Delantare Story right here!

Part One - September 13, 2016
Part Two - September 20, 2016
Part Three - September 27, 2016
It will be very interesting to see how this story plays out! So little has been revealed that I feel that any theories I have are likely to be very far from accurate. After reading Part One, I feel very immersed in the scenery, but not in the culture.  I can picture what is going on, but I don't understand it. This may be simply because the gangster/inner city culture is foreign to me anyway.
     It was well-paced, and had a good mixture of action/narrative and information about the setting and back-story.  I learned two new words, which is always a good thing.  "Winged" in a new sense, and "balaclava", which at first I read as "baklava".  Big Grin  It seemed very well written and engaging to me!
     It is intriguing to me that it starts in a completely different location than "Free"...  I am looking forward to hearing what others think of part one of "The Plan.
Part Two is now online!  Andrew confronts Bolton about the fiasco at the convenience store, and learns more than he bargained for!  Read Part Two of "The Plan: A Delantare Story" now!

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